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Bring it anywhere

Leg-worn wearables that measure any gait, at all stride rates, on all surfaces. 

Easy and quick to use

Self-explanatory and easily set up by anyone. Ready to use in 2 minutes. 

Robust and reliable

Designed for rough conditions – rugged, water resistant and shock proof.

More informed decisions

Protect your horses’ health, boost performance, and save time and money. 

Less stress, more control

Get the full picture and free up more time for planning and decision making.

Award-winning research 

The result of 5+ years of R&D by movement scientists and equine experts.

Gait analysis at your fingertips

Capture motion in real-time. High-quality, durable equipment that you can use anywhere and anytime in all kinds of conditions.

Better results in every way

How would you react if there was a solution to make your horses perform better while keeping injuries and costs to a minimum? This is exactly what Walkbeat Horses can help you with and what's more, it's super easy to use.

Let Walkbeat Horses keep you on track

Measure your horses’ gait regularly to detect signs of lameness early on, fine-tune your level of training and pick the best horses to compete with.

Protecting health. 

Perfecting performance.
Improving economy.

Walkbeat Horses is an ingenious way to measure and track movement for winning health and performance. Get data in a matter of minutes, visualize progress over time, and identify problems early on. 

Four leg sensors, an app and a new standard 
for equine sports. 

Training the horse correctly is essential to avoid injuries. Prevention is much better than treatment. Walkbeat offers a user-friendly, easy-to-understand and fact-based tool to continuously monitor the effect of training

- Marjaana Alaviuhkola, President EU trotting, Ex-chairman Swedish trotting, CEO & chief veterinary Hallands Animal Hospital

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Joan R.   |  Business Consultant

Identify problems and visualize progress over time.

  • Detect signs of lameness early on 

  • Compare test results

  • Rank horses by current status or future potential

Award-winning technology used by leading stables

Award-winning technology used by leading stables

Gait analysis at your fingertips

Capture motion in real-time in four easy steps. High-quality, durable equipment that you can use anywhere and anytime in all kinds of conditions.

Enter your parameters in the app - surface, shoes, driver etc


Put the sensors on the horse's legs with our straps


Start the monitoring
in the app


Easily follow the horse's performance and health

A sustainable solution

Walkbeat Horses reduces the environmental impact of horse keeping. By monitoring health and performance from anywhere, you can reduce travel time, cost, and logistics. Together we contribute to a healthier environment through smarter management.

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