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Features for horse professionals.

Made in Sweden by gait experts.

Yes, I want horses with
winning health and performance


Track speed, power, and endurance


By regularly measuring factors such as speed, stride frequency and stride length, you can track your horses’ performance, endurance, and fatigue levels.

✔ Measure your horse’s speed, stride, and stride length.

✔ See whether your horse is developing more power & endurance over time.


Spot imbalances with 100% accuracy


Each gait has its own fore- and hindlimb pattern. A lame horse modifies this pattern to unburden its painful limbs, but as you surely know it’s not always easy to detect and interpret these subtle imbalances in your horse’s movements. 

 ✔ Register the force of impact for each leg.

 ✔ Spot unevenness and early signs of lameness with high accuracy.


Improve balance and control pace


Use your Walkbeat Horses insights to fine-tune training on a daily basis. The information helps you to optimize your training and perfect your horse’s rhythm.

 ✔ Measure beats for walk, trot, left and right canter with millisecond accuracy.

 ✔ Follow improvements in rhythm, stance and swing over time.


Manage your horses and your stable

Access and see your entire stable of horses, anytime and anywhere. See training overviews and individually follow the progress of each horse from the palm of your hands.  

✔ Track how shoe changes, surface changes and other alterations affect your horses’ health, performance, and gait quality.

✔ Get better overview and a more efficient way of training.


Proactive and personalized care


Walkbeat Horses notifies you when something is potentially wrong with a horse's gait, while also providing you with a full history of accurate information.

✔ Provide your vet with gait data for evaluations.


✔ Increase the overall health of your stable. 

If you use Walkbeat Horses consistently, you can improve and adapt the training for your horses. If you have several different training options then you can also plan the training for the horse leading to better results.

Jevgeni Ivanov

Harness Trainer, Solvalla

Get accurate data in a matter of minutes.

  • Speed

  • Stride frequency

  • Stride length

  • gForce

  • Beat

  • Balance  

  • Stance and swing

  • Walk, trot, left and right canter

  • Intensity

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