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Be first in line

Let us know your needs and we will get in touch to find the best solution for your stable or just call us at the contact below. 

Where did you hear about Walkbeat?

Complete control of your horses' movement! Get winning health and performance starting from 2499 SEK per month.

Subscription includes a sensor kit with 4 sensors plus attachments and up to 8 horse profiles in the Walkbeat Horses app.


More than 8 horses? No problem; we will of course create a cost-effective proposal based on your needs. Just get in touch, and we'll tell you more.

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What´s in the box?

4 Sensors

Charging station 


Carry case

Gateway charging adapter + USB-C cable

Gateway tool

Charging station charging adapter + USB-C cable

4 Straps

4 Strap extensions

Washable bag

  • Robust and reliable

  • Simple set-up and use

  • Easy charging 

  • Bluetooth – low power consumption







After entering information about yourself, your stable and business needs, we will get in touch to find the best solution for your stable.

Step 1: Reserve your place


Now you are ready to place your order of Walkbeat Horses and will receive a confirmation email from us.

Step 2: Time to order


Once you receive your kit, book your personalized onboarding session with us to setup your entire stable and get started.

Step 3: Get your Walkbeat Horses Kit


What happens next


40 000 SEK exclusive taxes (moms)

One time start-up fee


Free Walkbeat Horses Membership

6-months free for unlimited number of horses. Test the products and evaluate which horses you want to include in your membership subscription.


100 SEK/horse after the first 6 months

After deciding how many of your horses you want to include in your membership you pay 100 SEK/horse and month. You get support from our dedicated team of experts and our community of partners.


  • Developed by gait scientists together with veterinarians and expert horse trainers. 

  • Based in human movement science.

  • Tested in the toughest conditions and used in leading racing stables.

Contact us - we would love to help you with a first meeting or order! 

Walkbeat Horses is the horse's first tool to identify early signs of injury as well as measure the horse’s speed, step, power and endurance over time. We offer you an easy-to-use tool for your everyday life. With Walkbeat Horses you will have the best conditions to achieve sustainable training and the possibility to reach new heights of performance! We offer solutions for small as well as larger stables and are eager to help you with a plan customized for your needs. Contact us today, and we’ll tell you more!

Fill in your details below - we will contact you within 24h!

Get in touch


What's Next?

As soon as we receive your request, we will connect with you by phone or email - whatever you prefer. Please leave us a note if there is a specific time or day you prefer to be contacted. What's the difference between the options? 

Phone: Let's keep it simple! We connect and go through all the questions and challenges you have, and we will help you in a skilled way!

Video Meeting: Lovely! Let’s have a digital coffee together, and we can present our system in a really nice way and catch everything that's on your mind!

Demo: We will contact you and set a date that suits your schedule for us to come to the place where you are located. The best part is that we won’t interrupt. We will attach the sensors to your horse, and then you can do your training session just as planned. After that, we will sit down for 30 minutes so we can sit down and go through the test in our lovely app and have a look at what setup will suit your stable.

Order: Great! We will help you set up the order and make sure that you get the perfect fit for your stable!

Let's get in touch!

Do you have any more questions?

If you’re interested in reserving early access to multiple Walkbeat Horses kits and are unsure of how many kits you need, please get in touch.

Things are going well; with the help of Walkbeat Horses, we could figure out the biggest problem of one of my horses - fix it - and he was winning his first race yesterday.

Franzi Jahrisch,

Groom, Laguaer Stable

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